Help Ukrainian Animals

The war in Ukraine is changing the fate of not only people but also animals. All animals suffer companion animals, those kept in shelters, farms, eco-parks, and reserves.
You can help them.

Animal shelters in Ukraine now need support. Animals from shelters near the combat zone must be transported, they lack medicine and food. Some shelters in safer places accept relocated animals and have increased needs for supplies.

The situation in Ukraine is changing every day. Our activists are looking for help in shelters and animals in the greatest difficulty. We help financially, as well as with the delivery of feed where we are, we help with the transportation of animals abroad.

Help for animal shelters

We financially support the shelter near the city of Dnipro “Uholok”. Also, we organized the purchase and transportation of hay for animals. The shelter takes care of farm animals, and at this difficult time, they decided to take not only farm animals (although they, too), but also our usual pets, which are abandoned by their owners, fleeing the war.


Save cats

Cooperation with other Animal Rights organizations

After transporting 10 very thin puppies from Kharkiv to Lviv, together with a Kharkiv volunteer, we chipped them, made passports and rabies vaccinations to cross the border. They agreed on temporary detention in Lviv. They agreed with the shelter in Lithuania to prepare places for them and go for them. Together with a volunteer from Lviv, they organized transport. An exchange was held at the border: the Lithuanians gave us food and medicine, and we gave them animals.

Save cats

Evacuating animals

Our activists permanently help on transporting evacuated companion animals from hot spots in Ukraine and help them transfering the border. One of the nearest example is when we sheltered and bought medicine for the small shelter that moved to Lviv from Kharkiv. After a hard road through all Ukraine thirty-nine animals moved to Poland.

How can you help animals?

  • LiqPay link here
  • If you need a bank transfer – send a message to

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